Friday, 24 October 2014

Trip to Town! | OOTD

 I went to town today and I did a bit of shopping - despite already placing two orders online a couple of days ago... Today wasn't that cold so I didn't feel the need to wear my big coat from Topshop (which I am going to be doing a blogpost on very soon!) so a simple jumper kept me warm enough. I want to branch out more when it comes to outfits as myself and a jeans-and-tshirt combination have a very strong relationship but I feel like I never step out of my comfort zone often enough. That's why I decided to wear a very casual skater skirt. I paired this outfit with some boots I recently bought. Fun fact - I was going to send these boots back because they're nothing like I usually wear so I talked myself into thinking they aren't my style. I hate to admit it but the main reason I was going to take these back was because I was too worried about what people would think, especially because everyone is used to seeing me in trainers and flat shoes. However, today I felt brave and so I decided to wear them and I actually really like them; I think they are very suitable for the current season and so easy to wear. My feet did start to get quite sore though after walking around all day!

My jumper is from H&M: HERE - I really recommend these jumpers, I practically live in them!
My skirt is from H&M: HERE
My boots are from New Look: I couldn't find them anywhere on the website but they are called "black leather-look knitted cuff lace up boots"
My elephant necklace was gifted to me by my best friend for my birthday.
My flower necklace was gifted to me by my boyfriend.
All my Pandora charms were gifted to me by my family and my boyfriend.
My nose ring is from Ice Nine.

I kept my makeup fairly simple on my eyes. I used my Naked 3 palette: Strange all over my eyelid and brow bone, Dust in the inner corners and inner half of my eyelids and Limit through my crease. I used the L'Oreal Super Liner Blackbuster eyeliner - I wouldn't normally use this because it creates too thick of a line for my liking but I've ran out of my Elf liquid liner, which is actually my holy grail eyeliner. Pray for Georgia! I applied Benefit's Bad Gal Lash and Soap & Glory: Thick & Fast mascara to my upper eyelashes and Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless mascara to my bottom lashes. I smudged a small amount of a W7 eyeliner pencil on my lower lashline to make my eyes stand out more.

If you'd like more fashion/outfit based blog posts, don't forget to leave a comment! Hope everyone has had a good day. :)


  1. Love the jewelry & the outfit is really cute! :)

  2. LOVE the outfit !! Absolutely gorgeous !! x