Sunday, 28 December 2014

Barry M Natural Glow Palette | Shadows & Primer

I was gifted this gorgeous little Barry M eyeshadow palette for Christmas. I adore neutral colours as they are so easy to wear; a subtle, natural look for daytime or a heavy, deep combination of colours for the evening. This palette features three matte shades and three shimmer shades so there is a lovely range of colours and textures in there. 

I am so excited to use the third shade, which is a beautiful, matte almost-plum colour. I think it would look gorgeous in the crease, possibly as a transition shade. I also think the fourth shade - a shimmery champagne colour with a slight gold undertone - would look stunning as a highlight!

Personally, I would use the three matte shades for a daytime look and the shimmery colours for a nighttime look as I think the last three eyeshadows are much deeper and the shimmer makes them seem so much more glamorous!

As for the pigmentation, when I swatched the colours, I had to swatch them a couple of times for them to really show and, as you can see by the photograph, the first matte shade doesn't show up on my arm so I'm not too sure how that will apply. The darker shades were slightly more pigmented but they didn't really amaze me. However, as they aren't that pigmented - but they are buildable - this palette would be perfect for beginners who are only just starting to dabble in eyeshadows because it would be much easier to gradually build up the colours and I suspect they will be very easy to blend!

I haven't tried the primer out on my eyes yet, but I did do a slight swatch and it feels very creamy so it will be nice to apply as a base. I'm not sure if it will make the eyeshadows appear more pigmented, but if not, I can always use my usual Elf eyelid primer in the future.

I think this palette is very sleek and professional looking - the packaging reminds me of the Naked basics palettes. As it comes with a primer, it will be super handy for travelling as I wouldn't need to take a separate eyeshadow primer or any loose shadows. I can't wait to try the eyeshadows out!

What's your opinion of this palette if you own it? If you don't, would you go out and buy it?