Saturday, 11 October 2014

Stationery! | Revision & Study Tips

Stationery is my one true love...literally. Shopping for new pens and pencils and highlighters excites me way more than it should. I never used to care about it and would turn up to school with a pen that barely worked that I found in my blazer pocket but this year I've realised that it helps with revision so much to have a wide variety of stationery around you.

I love things that are colourful so when I went shopping, I picked up bright highlighters and post-its and, my favourite thing, a neon pink pencil case. I bought this from Staples and it's a really strange, rubbery texture but it holds all the necessities: pens, pencils, a ruler, rubber, highlighters and felt-tips. I also keep a tiny pad of yellow post-it notes - you never know when they will come in handy! I only keep two highlighters in my pencil case otherwise it would become too full, just to keep in my school bag. Now I don't have a rush of panic when I'm searching for a pen to take to school in the morning; I can literally pick up my pencil case, throw it in my bag and walk out of the door. It feels so much nicer to realise that I'm becoming a slightly more organised person. Instead of having chunky highlighters, places like Wilko sell small ones which would be more ideal for taking to school.

I bought this small set of flashcards from Wilko - there are 120 sheets and it is on a key ring which is super handy so you can keep them all together and not worry about losing any. If you take a language like I do, these are perfect for writing vocab on (preferably with colourful pens!) so it's easier to memorise certain words or phrases. They are also good for subjects like Science, if you need to remember what a certain cell part does etc.

Again, with the colourful theme, I sometimes like to use coloured pencils instead of highlighters. For example, in this photograph, I used my Lyra pencils to colour in my revision timetable so the things I needed to do stood out more. Another thing you could do is write subjects you want to revise on post-it notes and stick it on the days so the week after you can switch up what you're going to do when - this will keep things more interesting and you could also fit in different subjects that you didn't do the previous week.

I buy most of my stationery from either Wilko or Tesco because both shops do such a great range for reasonable prices. You don't realise how much using things like post-its or flashcards actually help when it comes to revision until you try it. I like to stick revision notes on my wall so I can see them every day in the hopes they will get stuck in my brain!

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