Monday, 13 October 2014

Revision Books! | Revision & Study Tips

I used to find revision books really boring but my dad bought me tons of books from Ebay and Amazon and they've actually really been helping me, especially when I do my homework.
The books I have are:
❤ CGP GCSE Chemistry
❤ CGP GCSE Physics
❤ CPG GCSE Biology
❤ CPG GCSE Additional Science - Higher
❤ Collins Revision GCSE AQA English Language (essentials)
❤ Edexcel GCSE English Language and Literature (workbook) - Higher
❤ Edexcel GCSE Spanish - Higher
❤ Barron's 501 Spanish Verbs (perfect for if you take Spanish)
❤ Edexcel GCSE Mathematics A Linear Student Book - Higher
❤ Edexcel GCSE Mathematics A Linear Practice Book - Higher
❤ Collins Spanish Dictionary

The only subjects that I take that I don't have any revision books for are Art and Drama (because they are more practical subjects) and History (because I have a revision workbook my teacher gave me with everything I need in it).

I didn't take triple science (where you take Chemistry, Physics and Biology as seperate lessons and have to do more exams) but I did take additional (we do one of the Sciences for a certain amount of time and then swap round and do another one - for example, we'll do Biology for half a term and then move on to Chemistry) so I only really needed the Additional Science book but the others have more information in and they are easier to refer to when I am doing homework or revision for a certain Science subject. All the Science books are really helpful though and all the key words on each page are written in a different colour and underlined which I find helps keep the information in my mind. As you can see in this photograph, I always write key words in a different coloured pen when I'm doing revision or I use a highlighter and highlight the key words in my school books.

The Mathematics Student Book is literally the most helpful thing in the world! We used to use this book in lessons a lot and it gives you lots of clear information and also supplies you with questions so you can practice for exams. Alongside this, I also use the Practice Book which has lots of different questions in but it doesn't cover as many topics as the big book does.
My old Maths teacher gave us a sheet with a list of topics which are featured in the exam every year and a list of topics which might show up which is really useful because now I only revise the topics which I need to, otherwise I would've been trying to cover everything in the book!

I have these small Post-Its in four different colours which come out of the small containers really easily. I use these to mark out the pages which I need to revise from so I can easily flip to certain pages. I use the yellow ones for the essential topics and the purple ones for the topics which won't definitely show up (so I revise the pages with the yellow stickers on first and more thoroughly). These would work really well in other revision books, just to mark out the pages with information on that you maybe struggle to remember or understand completely. My mum actually bought me these Post-Its so I'm not entirely sure where you can get them from but I bet places like Wilko or Staples have them. I really like using them because they are so colourful and tiny so they don't clutter the top of the book. The top part is a solid colour and the bottom half is clear and sticky, so when it's in a book, you can't really see the bottom part so even if you stick it over information, the writing still shows through. One thing I will say though is that they aren't very easy to write on so I didn't write on the ones I stuck into my Maths book which can be quite annoying because I can't go straight to the page that I need.

Like I said before, you can buy these books from Ebay and Amazon for fairly cheap, respectable prices and, when you don't need the books anymore (after exams), you can sell them again and get your money back! Pass my GCSEs and get my money back? Yes please! ;)

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