Thursday, 7 November 2013

One Direction - Our Moment Perfume - Review

Hi everyone!

On my birthday, which was on the 21st of October, I was gifted One Direction's new perfume by my parents. I'd been wanting it for quite a while and I'd previously smelt it whilst I was walking past a perfume shop and a woman who worked there gave me a little paper stick, with a sample of it on. I'm not a huge Directioner - I like most of their songs and I do think they seem like a really nice, down to earth boyband - but I never turn down the possibility of getting a new perfume!

Can we just talk about the packaging for a minute? This is one of the prettiest perfume bottles I have ever owned. It comes in a precious little glass bottle which has a gorgeous pink tint to it. My favourite colour is pink - some might think that as being quite cliché, I know - so it caught my eye straight away. The top of the perfume bottle is in the shape of a silver crown, with small 'jewels' on, if you like. The crown shaped frame is placed around a thin pink material, which gives it the most amazing finishing touch! 'Our Moment - One Direction' is written on the side, in simple black writing. Simple enough to not distract from the bottle but still noticeable.
The box the perfume came in is just as nice. It is a pretty pink colour and has big grey roses all around it, which gives it such a nice touch! They aren't plain roses, however. Most of them have been cut in half, in a way, and the pattern is continued in a simple silver colour which hasn't been filled in. It makes it quirky and not typical boy band-esque. It has all five of the boys' faces on it, with Zayn looking 'dreamily' into the distance, as per.

Now onto the actual scent, which is probably the most important part of this review. Sadly, it's a little too fruity for my liking. It seems to be perfect at first, but after a few seconds to minutes, it develops into something that I wouldn't particularly go for. I'm disappointed, to be completely honest. The sample smelt amazing but spraying a bit from the full bottle of perfume wasn't what I was expecting. It doesn't last for too long but many perfumes don't - on me, anyway. If you're into more fruity scents, I'd recommend it. However, it seems to be more of a perfume that should be worn in the late spring/summer seasons so I will be wearing something different throughout the rest of Autumn and Winter.

Overall, I would give this perfume a 7/10, if I was asked to rate it, simply because the packaging is so cute and looks super pretty in my bedroom. The scent isn't to my taste but I would recommend smelling it from the bottle before buying it.

Georgia xo

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  1. I've been looking at this perfume- thanks for your tips! I'll make sure to smell it and try it on before I buy it.
    Thank you!!