Friday, 8 November 2013

Are Baby Lips Really Worth the Hype?

Recently, I went out and purchased 5 of Maybelline's Baby Lips lip balms which have been raved and spoken about a lot in the beauty community, since they were released a while ago. I suffer from very dry lips and I'm always on the lookout for brand new lip balms. After seeing so many people speaking about Baby Lips, I ending up caving and bought them; I was super excited to try them! I was going to pick up all six but Boots didn't have Cherry Me, which is a very pigmented, deep pink colour, when I went in so I only bought the five pictured above. In the UK, you can buy them from Boots and Superdrug for £2.99. I think that is a reasonable price, maybe not for the clear balms but the ones with a good colour pay off are worth the three pounds. I'm a big sucker for nice packaging and while I wouldn't say this is the best, for a lip balm, it's very practical. All of the lip balms are quite small so they're good to throw in your handbag or pocket and you know they won't take up too much space. Maybelline claim that you get 8 hours of moisture from Baby Lips which sounds very unrealistic, if you ask me. I can't go a full 8 hours without having to reapply, my lips start feeling dry again after about thirty minutes.

My favourite is Pink Punch. This smells amazing; this one has the nicest scent out of the other four I own, but I have smelt Cherry Me and, in my opinion, that one is the best with Pink Punch a close second. Pink Punch is quite pigmented but can be blended out or easily built up so it appears brighter on your lips. This is a great product to wear to school if you aren't allowed to wear a lot of make up seeing as this is a tinted lip balm and not a full blown, bright pink lipstick.

This is Peach Kiss. I don't wear this one as much because it's very similar to the others, but with a slightly different taste. It has a very subtle scent and when I swatched it on my arm, it gave a sheer peach-y coloured pay off with slight shimmers running throughout it. However, when I have it on my lips, it doesn't give any colour at all. It does feel slightly more moisturising than Pink Punch though.

The yellow baby lips is called Intense Care. A few seconds after I put this on, I get a strong taste of suncream. Not that I go around eating suncream but you know what I mean... I do like this because it has no colour to it and does help my lips feel less chapped. It doesn't heal them completely but it does the job of making them feel a lot more moisturised. It has a very subtle scent but sometimes smells a little bit like marzipan. Weird.

Mint Fresh smells and tastes delicious. Just like the name suggests, it has a strong smell of mint. It feels very refreshing on the lips and glides on so smoothly, like most of these products do. This is practically just the same as the other clear Baby Lips but the taste and scent is the thing I do like the most. The packaging is a very vibrant green - it helps to prevent losing it in your handbag!

The final Baby Lips I have is called Hydrate and comes in a light blue packaging. It basically does the same thing as all the other clear ones. It doesn't have a particularly nice scent or taste and it seems to be formulated exactly the same as the others mentioned above. This causes me to think have Maybelline just decided to sell the exact same product with slightly different scents just to make more money? Personally, I'd prefer them to bring out two or three amazing products which were completely different than bring out all the same thing. They've done a good job of promoting them though, seeing as so many people have brought them which caused me to buy them too.

(please excuse the dark shadow, I've only just realised and it's too dark right now to take another picture)

The first swatch is of Pink Punch - I swatched this a few times over itself, to create a brighter pink so it is slightly sheer at first but it is buildable.
The second swatch is of Peach Kiss - very sheer, I swatched this about 5 times over itself. It seems a lot more pigmented on my arm than on my lips.

Overall, I'm disappointed with most of the Baby Lips as they don't make my lips as soft as I'd like and I do have to reapply a lot during the day, understandable, of course, but not with a lip balm which claims to have eight hours of moisture. I do like a couple for the colour pay off and the scent but apart from that, I actually wouldn't recommend these products. This is obviously all my opinion and if you love them, I'm glad, but I just don't think they're for me.

Do you like Baby Lips? If so, which one is your favourite?

Georgia xo

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  1. i bought a bunch of these to try out and was less than impressed. however, i think they're actually pretty good now that i sort of know when to reach for them. usually i grab these if i want a lipbalm and little bit of color but don't wnat to bother with a lipstick. i think the price could be lower though.

    A Beautiful Zen